Be a part of the upcoming documentary, “When We Were All Broncos.” The film will cover the period between 1968 and 1973, during which time Denton rose to the challenge of integrating its schools while navigating the changes brought on by the social and cultural turmoil of the sixties and early seventies. Through interviews with students, teachers, administrators, coaches, and other community members, the project will paint a picture of a community united by a single school and will reflect on the ways this period contributed to the legacy of tolerance, achievement, and excellence that Denton enjoys today.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Let the publicity begin!

David Barrow, a Denton High School alumnus and Denton native, is making a documentary about Denton High from 1968 to 1973. See Barrow discussing the project in a video at Denton


I can't wait to get going on the filming of the documentary! Lots of details to take care of between now and the middle of June, but it feels great to be able to throw all my energy into this important project.

There is now a partial list of our contributors up on the website at We will try to update this list regularly. Thanks to all of you for helping us along the way. We still have a way to go, so if you are thinking of contributing, don't hold back. We need to gather as many donations as possible before the shoot starts in June to make sure we can cover the cost of crew, equipment, etc. We are planning a fun football field type tote board that should be going up next week as we chart the progress toward our fundraising goal.

We need to raise a total of $60,000, which will cover the cost of production and leave a $10,000 endowment with the Denton Public School Foundation. Every yard counts!

It was our honor to appear in the Denton Record Chronicle this past Sunday. Feel free to pass along the article to everyone you think might be interested. Here's the link to the article. We're going to be rolling out much more publicity in the coming weeks, but we need you all to keep spreading the word.

Thanks again to those of you that have already made a donation! Let keep the ball moving toward the goal line. Every yard counts!

David Barrow

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bronco Documentary from OC Imageworks on Vimeo.

This project will be funded entirely through contributions from individuals, businesses, and organizations. Contributions can be made to the Denton Public School Foundation and are tax deductible. A portion of all funds will be retained by the Foundation and will go toward establishing a permanent endowment that will provide an annual scholarship to a deserving DHS senior.